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Limited Edition Hand Drawn NFT Collection Akee Bears Minting Soon (Report)

For those looking for a truly unique NFT to add to their collection, Akee Bears is sure to generate some interest. This NFT collection is limited to only 100 examples, all of which are completely hand drawn by the creator Thanakee. The collection is expected to mint soon with sales on the secondary market to follow closely thereafter.Sneak peek of some of the bears:   100 Unique Bears Available  Unlike many other NFT collections which are AI generated with random attributes, each Akee Bear NFT is completely unique with different styles, colors and traits. Since the collection will be limited to just 100 NFTs, demand is expected to be extreme. Roadmap The roadmap for Akee Bears includes many opportunities for Akee...

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The Slippery Road of Dr. Harbaugh

  In America, we like to believe and are taught to believe that we are all equal and that no one is above the law. That is, we all are accountable to the same standard. Now, this sounds beautiful and eloquent in theory, but too often these principles are tainted by others, who appear to live and are treated by a different standard. Please, let me present to you: Dr. Norman Ross Harbaugh Jr, 61, who served as President and Managing partner of Children’s Medical Group. I think that we all would agree that working with children or being an esteemed pediatrician, such as Dr. Harbaugh, is both honorable and admirable. However, before we vote Harbaugh into the Pediatric Hall...

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