Yung Slimm ft. Yung Rolex- Coke Line (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

We all come to music for varying reasons. Maybe there’s a party next week. Maybe we have a long car ride on the horizon. But, sometimes, maybe we just want to feel something. That “something” could be sadness, happiness, or whatever other emotions you can think of. We come to music to fill that void. 

While listening to Coke Lines by Yung Slimm ft. Yung Rolex, you can feel the pain and heartache being displayed. What evidently stands out are the raw and vulnerable lyrics performed. “Snorting coke lines gonna’ make me feel fine.” There is no mincing of words here. It’s gritty and straightforward. And this is all performed intertwined with a beautiful guitar track. From the intro, the instrumentation grasps listeners, and sets a mood that is quite fitting for the content matter. The strings were a great decision from Slimm and Rolex. 

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