Wreck- Wreck’s Secret Track (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Chris Yangello 

With the back-to-school season rapidly coming and going, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen such a crazy influx of new faces and tracks pop up with rampant popularity over the past few weeks. I recently was hit up by Imani, owner, and founder of SwanoDown, to check out a new artist he brought my way by the name of Wreck.

Upon first glance, I had never heard of the young prodigy before. However, it truly did not take long before I was ready to call myself a fan. After giving his track “Wreck’s Secret Track” a listen, I knew that he was made of something special. “Wreck’s Secret Track” is a song that takes off from the very second. Unlike many tracks that take 25 to 30 seconds just to get into the true feel of the song’s vibe, you will not find that when listening to Wreck.

Wreck is an artist with an extremely unique name and an even more unique talent behind the mic. It is not too often that I get the chance to listen and highlight artists in the up-and-coming category that have such an insane level of talent the same way that Wreck does. However, it’s more than his persona, social media, and creative name that give him the artist identity that he has developed today, it’s his demeanor and vocal talent on each and every track of his as well.

If you’re looking for the next up-and-coming artist who’s destined to reach stardom, then be sure to check out Wreck. Wreck’s lyricism and flow can match almost, if not every, artist in the industry right now. Also, be sure to listen to “Wreck’s Secret Track”, which is available on all streaming platforms now or through the Spotify link attached below. I promise you will not regret it!


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  • TaDarius

    been tryna tell niggas bro the next kanye/j.cole type artist

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