Verze: Multifaceted with Purpose [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Imani Wj Wright

At this point in my career, I've written over a thousand articles. If we look at my time as a music journalist at SwanoDown, in just the past two years alone- I've listened to over 20,000 new songs. The artists range from musicians who were releasing their debut single to established artists like Gnash and DDG.

I've always vowed to approach my expressions about artists with transparency and professional dignity. Meaning, if I had something to say, good or bad, it would be said within the lines of morality. The article you're currently reading is no different, except for the fact that this is one of my hometown idols growing up. I don't think I've ever been in the position to write about a childhood idol of mine, and today I'm in a cool position to do so.

Hip-Hop artist, Verze, is adding finishing touches to his upcoming project, Already Written. The Baltimore native, who's been respected for over a decade is coming off of his melodic, and string-heavy single "Energy".

Listening to "Energy" gives the audience a glimpse into several of Verze's redeeming qualities. Lyrical finesse seems to come easily for the brother. Though, it isn't just the lyrical finesse, it's his ability to deliver them with a subtle swagger. His transitions from rap to harmonizing in the hook make for an enjoyable and active listening experience. There aren't any points in the track that feel dull or stagnant, your ear is constantly engaged. The nostalgic feeling that the instrumentation creates is juxtaposed with Verze's modern style- the combination of both sounds create a dope listening experience. Maybe this a sound we should look to expect on Already Written?

Along with working on his project, Verze is also an avid supporter, brand ambassador, and influencer within the of the Cannabis industry. Verze works closely with Plant Based, an up and coming company focused on promoting cannabis medically & recreationally while spreading awareness of its Injustice within its history.

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