Swaa- Eye Eye (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Some of the best pieces say nothing at all. Reminds me of The Quite Que- A podcast hosted by Imani Wj Wright and I. We made a cohesive playlist consisting of songs that were quiet, yet decisive and deliberate. The key to any good reggae joint is feeling. Today I had the opportunity to listen to Swaa. I was immediately at ease. The classic reggae instrumental had everything necessary, before their uniqueness was accounted for.

Behind the Drums is someone who understands reggae. The coolest part of reggae were their percussive decisions. When counting along to a basic reggae track counting 4’s (ie “one, two, three, four, one, two…) you will hear a spacious snare or click only on four. This is unique to the reggae music genre.

Reggae can be rather conscious music, we all learn through times of hardship, so Swaa continues the melodic pattern in Eye Eye. The track is coupled to the tee with a progressive style in horn and brass. The instruments used were strictly pertaining to the timbre of warmth  The Swaa Icon is far from being finished. The law of Parsimony is to be as simple as possible. Swaa takes simplicity to another perception.

Listen to Swaa on Eye Eye. Out now. 

Check it out: 


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