Sheer Ferocity Refined = SHØWGUN [Report]

Reported by SwanoDown

A rebellious streak runs through SHØWGUN’s style. They take on the tradition of tearing it asunder. Nor are they all talk. 

Ray, their guitarist, rejected the route of the white-collar rat race. Olive experienced a desire for a deeper understanding of her past. Jax wants everybody to chill out and stop being so close-minded. Aris had to adapt to the wild American life after growing up in the Philippines. Though they all have different lives, they share one thing in common – finding their way. 

Their way gets reflected musically. At first glance, one might see a rock band, but a lot is happening underneath the surface. Sonically they take apart the classic rock style, putting it together in their way. Much of what they do is the sort of thing that will fill stadiums, but they are going to do it their way. 

Freedom to do what they want when they want is their mission statement. They were brought together by a mixture of school, the internet, and previous jamming sessions. All are quick learners, for Olive’s passion for the bass and Ray’s passion for the guitar brought them together, as did help with statistics homework. 

People have started noticing, and SHØWGUN has a handful of tunes to their name. Yet they are only at the beginning of their expectedly long and storied career because everybody needs to start somewhere.

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