Trauma Into Beauty: Shandell Crutchfield (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

If you look at art on its surface level, there are several attributes and benefits to indulging into our favorite movies, songs, and plays… Of course they’re entertaining, fun, and useful to pass time. Though, what we might overlook are the therapeutic duties art tends to fulfill in our lives. Many of us have had moments or stretches of time where we weren’t in the greatest of moods- but there was that one song that for at least a little while uplifted our spirits. That makes music emotional medicine.

Many of us benefit from listening and experiencing it, but there are also the artists who find tranquility and peace within the creative side of the process as well. One of these artists is Shandell Crutchfield. Crutchfield’s latest release, “T.O.E” which is an acronym for Trauma Over Everything, delves into her experiences with sexual harassment in the music industry, the unfortunate passing of her father, self love, and healing.

While listening to “T.O.E.” it is immediately clear that Crutchfield is speaking from a deeply rooted place of raw emotion and indelible occurrences. I had to start the piece from the top due to the utter shock I was in. Chills ran down my spine, and I emanated a slight gasp when it began. I was listening via speakers, but converted to headphones, making the listening experience more intimate. Over a great piece of production, I heard a woman who had not only been through deep levels of turmoil, but was also quite aware of it. Her intro is in your face and holds nothing back. As the piece progresses you hear a lyrically woven display of storytelling, transparency, and self-growth. That may be the ultimate beauty of this piece, watching Crutchfield find solace within herself, her abilities, and her life. She did not let her past decimate her in the long run.

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