Salt.xo is a feminine care and beauty company dominating the beauty industry. The company which was founded by Jhalesa Lewis in April of 2018 started off selling soaps on Facebook. Lewis would also sell her products to her college peers. One of their best-selling products is the Yoni Gel. With over 1000 five-star reviews, it’s become an instant go to. The slogan a “healthy vagina tastes better become a hit among consumers on Instagram and to date, Salt.xo has generated over $16 million dollars in sales. We caught up with Lewis to find out more about her journey as an entrepreneur and how she grew her business from scratch. 

See our Q&A with Jhalesa below:

How long have you been in business?
3 years! We started on April 29 2018, I started selling soaps on Facebook and passing them out to my college peers.

What inspired your business?
After a shower, I would never feel completely fresh. There was no product on the market that gave me that tingly clean feeling and I wanted to use something that would be natural and ingredients that oil natural oils and herbs could help. 

What were you doing prior?
I was a server at restaurants. I had just got hired to be a middle school teacher and they offered me 33k a year. I knew my value and decided to reject the offer and completely dedicate my time to create what’s now salt.xo.

Biggest challenge in business? 
My business challenge was in 2020 when we shipped off over 7,000 orders through USPS and nearly half of the orders were lost or stolen. I had to refund over $27,000 to irate customers who never received their package. At that moment I knew I’d never let that happen again. I felt so defeated because we made everything by hand and we lost so much money, Tim’s and inventory. 

What are the rewards of entrepreneurship? 
Freedom of time and creativity. I love creating new products that can positively impact people’s lives. 

What are you most proud of regarding your business? 
I’m proud that we’ve grown each year. I’ve changed the logo 3 times, the packaging wax changed 5 times and I’m happy I did. I expect greatness because that’s what God instilled in me. We made 100k in year 1, 4 million year 2, 16 million year 3. We’ve tremendously in such a short time.

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