PenziArt: Where Art Meets Lifestyle (Report)

Reported by Lucas Ballard

In today’s digital age we are so mesmerized by constant content that is not tangible. Media such as Instagram, Youtube, and other socials have brought us into a virtual world that allows us to be desensitized to true art. Obviously technology is a stellar advancement for humankind, but it also has limited our appreciation for raw, physical art. There are many successful painters but my younger self  always bashed the idea of spending hours painting something just to look like a photo. Naivety was playing a huge role in my understanding, and I had not truly seen the influence it had. The time it takes, the execution, the emotion in the strokes… I under-sold it’s value, but I quickly grew an affinity for art I could touch and view up close.

PenziArt is a fashion and exotic design company that specializes in making Afro-style pieces for accessorizing and decorum. They have a wide array of interior art pieces such as paintings, wall art, and 3D ornamental figures. Their designs have rustic features and focus heavily on earthly tones such as browns, tans, and darker reds. There is a strong duality to the paintings presented in their creations. The calming tones from the Abstract Leaf and Heavenly Landscapes collection drastically differ from the vibrant and colorful themes in the Rain Street collection. This highlights the versatility of the pieces they create.

As I studied their accessories, I was drawn in by the quality of their bags. What is referred to as Zarizari leather is seen on a select few bags and each time it graces the screen I’m impressed by the craftsmanship. The thickness, shape and colors of the bags draw me and would make me ask the wearer where they acquired it. 

The most stunning artworks from the company were the 3D ornamental figures. Earlier, I mentioned the importance of real tangible artwork and PenziArt delivers pieces that most cannot create from simple household items. Created using bronze metal, they are truly masterpieces that would accentuate themselves amongst any other installation in a living space. The Giacometti Balance piece is my favorite of all the items on the website because of the slim and lanky details featured in the figure. For the buyer, this piece will give life to a room. It will cast a shadow and inspire. It will have tangible permanence.

Penzi Art is a place where art meets lifestyle, and for those that are ready to take the step in decorum, visit for top tier options.

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