Our Favorite Tracks ep2

Annelu- blank&pale

With a slow burn, this song digs deep and touches on insecurity. Annelu expresses how when she looks a certain way she does not see herself in a lovable manner. It goes to show how real love encompasses much more than just looks.


This retro love story captures a person who is unsure of the love from their significant other. This story sounds like it was told through an old 1940’s radio with airy vocals. Embrace your cynicism and immerse yourself in this tragic summer love story.

Elaine Kristal- Nasty In The Morning

With a smooth bassline and detailed lyrical presence, Elaine Kristal does not hold back her explicit thoughts of what she'd like to do with her person of interest. For an open and freeing vibe, check out Nasty In The Morning!

BASS- two bodies

With a very youthful tone, BASS captures the upbeat and optimistic perspective of love and existentialism. It is very bright and describes how enthralled people become when the relationship is so fresh.

DARKOWA- In My Bedroom

Many people began to love The Weeknd for his beautiful voice and cold tone. Norwegian artist, DARKOWA, not only captures this vibe but also says what we all want to say to that beautiful person we met at the bar. Throw on your favorite hoodie and turn the fan on for this one.

Sandy Benjamin- Foh ft Sophia Lauren

Highly energetic, Sandy Benjamin creates a dreamy atmosphere that has refreshing flow and cadence. Sophia Lauren melds the track together with pop-like vocals that give the record a new color.

Jai Trent- Up To You

With a confident flow, Jai comes with a story that’s worth being heard. Outlining the importance of making the right decisions, Trent gives a word of warning to those who do not have the drive to succeed and those that oppose him.

Catalina Cara- When You Give Me Love

Dig into an easy on the ears pop song that will brighten your day. This track reminds me of the time I would ride my bike in the summer. Whereas I feel she speaks about a person, this track reminded me of that connection with the summer warmth and even crisp winter nights. Love can be seen in many places!
-Lukey Lenz 

Mati- Back to the Basics

The goal is to never give up in life. Sometimes the aforementioned requires starting over and finding a new plan. Mati speaks from the heart over a melodic trap beat accentuating the pitfalls of life and how perseverance will guide you to complete life.

Dan Harris- Descent

I remember it as clear as yesterday, it was a sunny Saturday afternoon in Baltimore, Maryland. My father and grandfather were in the front seat, and Dave Brubeck’s Take 5 had come on the radio. The sheer feeling of bliss and new love for Jazz had arisen. I’m brought back to that unforgettable moment as I listen to this piece. -Imani Wj Wright

Riley Writtens- A Melanin Situation (feat. Segnon & Lafayette Stokley)

Before any research was done on this piece or the artists, listening to its production and streamline style of the bars, you could tell this was deeply rooted in New York. Lyrically, the piece is elevated and full of melanated alertness. This record brings back the sound that started this worldwide phenomenon of what we now call- Rap.

Mark Sutton- Pirouette

Take this piece for a spin. Mark Sutton gives a gorgeous composition that’s perfect for creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. These keys are within the midst of a masterpiece.

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