Madelyn Grant- Purpose (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Photo by Ashley Winbush

In a life full of opportunities, having a purpose will set you apart from the rest. On Madelyn Grant’s “Purpose," we take a deeper look within ourselves to truly find that burning passion for success. She asked the question, “How do we measure happiness and pleasure?”, which is valid and something we can’t always distinguish between the two. The way we measure happiness probably isn't always going to be for the right reasons, though I’m not here to judge; And neither is Madelyn. 

Success can be the answer to both, but what you do with your success determines how people view you in a positive or negative light. Success to me is being able to establish a source of income from my passion and being able to create opportunities for those who are passionate as well.

“What’s better than one billionaire? Two.” —

Jay- Z

Sonically, Madelyn has that soul in her voice that is built to last. For this to be her debut single, the sky's the limit for her. R&B doesn’t always have to be about emotional attachment to another being and she brought the content to us. What’s great about being an artist is the ability to hand out gems on songs for the masses to hear. She gets us to think about what we truly want for ourselves and inspiring a change in attitude and behavior for the better. 

Check out Purpose by Madelyn Grant:

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