Loyalty Ultra Lounge a Place for Creatives, Professionals, and The Sexy

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American culture is vast and in some cases, complex. From homemade Apple Pies to summertime Baseball, there are several symbols that stand out immediately.

One of America’s great mores  are the weekend nights in metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Baltimore, and DC. After a long 40-hour week, people want to just kick it. Who can blame them? However, what does vary is the kind of night you want to have. Sure, a lot of places can provide some alcoholic beverages and an engaging rotation of music– but not many can provide the elegant yet easygoing atmosphere that Baltimore's Loyalty Ultra Lounge provides. 

When you first step into Loyalty, you grace onto a beautifully designed floor, with a sheik light above your head. Just past the entrance, you’re welcomed by marble floors and hanging swings from the ceiling. Yes, we’re talking extraordinary levels of sexiness here. If that wasn’t enough, there are two bars, one that is elevated, and one right in front of the dance floor at ground level. And of course, there’s always a banging DJ in the back booth. 

"My vision for Loyalty Lounge is to create an atmosphere that my customers and I feel comfortable being in… We just want to the ordinary into the extraordinary,” said Co-owner, Latarsha Hamilton. 

“Loyalty Lounge wants to be perceived as the ‘destination,’ where good people can come for entertainment, sexy succulent cocktails, and satisfying delicious food. A place where people can come for celebrating birthday parties and all kinds of events while feeling safe and secure,” Hamilton Said. 

Though, it’s not only Hamilton who looks to create an inviting atmosphere. Loyalty’s head bartender Paul ‘Paulie’ McLewee also creates a good time. When you see the love he receives from partygoers, it’s obvious that he’s a club favorite. 

“I look to give top notch customer service and keep people coming back… When I have a chance, I like to dance while I tend bar. If people see me having fun, then that means I like what I do, and then in turn lets them know it’s okay to have fun,” Said McLewee

Loyalty is currently located in Randallstown, MD, with one location, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel a fun and exotic vibe every time you arrive. “We’re creating an atmosphere that takes you to an all time high where people can feel free like they’re out of town– but instead of a plane ride, they’re just a ride away,” Hamilton said with joy. 

Loyalty Ultra Lounge is located on 8521 Liberty Rd, Randallstown, MD 21133

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