JDH Sports Plays: Sports Handicapping (Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

Many people are in the business of sports handicapping; however, only few can be truly successful in this industry. One of those successors is JDH Sports Plays. We frequently study sports handicapping, and recent trends in the sports industry, and could not help but notice the surging success. We had the privilege to speak with JUST DAILY HANDICAPPING (JDH) Sports Plays team.

The handicapping team (JDH Sports Plays) explained the reason why they continue to be successful, in winning their games, is due to the constant urge to never be satisfied with where they are. They want to continue to be better and never settling is their motto.

As NHL and NBA are in prime form, as well as MLB approaching, JDH Sports Plays is producing record numbers in these areas, but has also gained the respect and recognition for excellence for NFL and MLB. Lastly, they acknowledge that there is constant pressure to produce consistent results for their well over 2,000 active members that they adhere to daily. They have built a brand that few to none can compete with.

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