J.Cash The King (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Chris Yangello

The end of the spring semester has opened the door for countless opportunities amongst students all across the country. While some spend their time relaxing with family, going on vacation, or earning some money, others devote themselves to their passions. For me, discovering up-and-coming talent in the Hip-Hop world is one of my biggest passions.

Recently, I discovered an artist by the name of J.Cash The King, and let me say, I am definitely impressed.

My favorite track from J.Cash The King is actually a rather recent one. Simply titled “Pull Up,” this track is much more than what I was initially expecting. I’m always a big fan of seeing what artists can do, and J.Cash The King came through in a big way. His vocals matched the melody, which sounds simple but is oftentimes an overlooked aspect of music-making. To be honest, I can see J. Cash the King’s talent taking him in big places throughout the rest of this year.

If you’d like to take a moment and learn more about J.Cash The King and everything that he’s up to, be sure to check him out on Instagram and stream his music on the Spotify link that I’ve taken a moment to attach below.


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