Halling Riffs: Alexander Halling [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Lucas Ballard

Instrumentals are just as, if not more, important than your favorite lyrically laced tracks. They’re present in so many aspects of existence such as film scores, elevator music, and commercials. These tracks set the tone and accentuate a moment. Alexander Halling is a guitarist that specializes in intricate riffs. Having a high energy in his play, Halling has a healthy mix of calm yet invigorating string work. 

Before dropping his solo ep, Anxiety Notes Pt. 1, Halling worked heavily with other musicians and bands, performing and composing. Throughout history, there have been many instances in which artists decided to take a different step and stray away from group efforts to focus on a specific sound they want to create. Take Hendrix leaving the Isley brothers for example. It's always fun to truly orchestrate a project individually and make a piece of art. Halling had this to say: “I needed a break from all the compromising as it felt like each person had to 'have their say in things'."

It’s important to note that Halling's productions have a very strong storytelling feel to them. I used to play a lot of racing/fighting games and his songs would fit in perfectly with their soundtracks. Like the games, the best action productions need to have a killer score to create those tense and highly energetic scenes. Once I immersed myself into cinema I realized the importance of the score. Halling’s Dryland has a steady build, perfect for scenes where an anticipated showdown between unearths two great fighters. 

Be sure to check out Halling's latest ep Anxiety notes pt 1  and be on the lookout for his new one, Anxiety notes pt 2!

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