Erez Zobary- Blue (For Now) Track Review

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Are you kidding me? No, seriously- this piece is absolutely astounding. 

I'm not a fan of hyperbolies, just give it to me straight. Therefore, I always approach my readers with the same respect. When I tell you this is one of the best songs I've heard all year, that is legit. 

Before I get into the art side of things, let's show some love to the engineers. The levels on this joint are superb. There aren't any peaks and valleys in the mix, just a straight/steady plane. You know you have a professional mix when you DO NOT think about the mix. Your whole focus enlies within the musical experience that the engineers have helped sculpt. 

At the start of this piece, Erez fervently, but with control, sings: "You tip-toe around the room. You tell me what I want to hear." At this point, she is only accompanied by keys. Right out of the gate, her vocal strength and tonal quality are not to be questioned- they're undeniable. While more instrumentation emerges, Erez then vocalizes: "When you sing to me, the whole room disappears." Throughout, you can hear that this cut is not only performed well, but composed well. The melodic, rhythmic, and lyrical decisions all play a cohesive role. Even the swift horn solo has a significant impact on the track's development. 

This piece is beyond a pleasure to indulge. 


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