Duality of the Singer: Bryant Keith [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Lucas Ballard
Photo by 
Ashleigh Harvey

On this journey called life, one may be faced with obstacles that pose extraordinarily different challenges. Music, for some, is an escape and offers new narratives as well as ideas related to certain aspects of existence. Why do you like those sad songs from the 60’s? Or that hardcore metal song from the early 2000’s? Each song and artist reaches us in a different way and even help listeners with expression. 

Indianapolis native, Dr. Bryant Keith is a singer-songwriter and producer along with being a mental health professional. His artistic creations and his lifestyle are tailored to help people with healing and growing. The music industry is flooded with people simply trying to garner attention to make money and being an entertainer is fun, but there is another side of the coin. Those artists who tell their story and build a relationship with who’s listening form a connection. This goes even further when the artist has a special skill about them such as a encompassing vocal presence or distinctive lyricism. 

Keith chooses to touch topics that will likely be relevant for all of life. Issues related to identity, racism, spirituality, faith, and relationships all fall under his umbrella of coverage. In his songs, Keith challenges both his clients and his listeners to be authentic with themselves, acknowledging the positive and negative aspects of their life. 

Bryant Keith is releasing music through Serenity Label LLC which was founded by Brandon Jones in 2021 right in Indianapolis, Indiana. Serenity's entire team promotes reflective and healing based music, so if you want a real enriching sound check out Bryant Keith on all streaming services.

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