"Classic meets Electro" live at WeLive Festival

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Coincidentally, just last night I attended a show, and while I was backstage I got into a very long conversation with visual a artist who focuses on Glassblowing. After scoping over several topics we eventually began speaking about the my background in opera and classical music. Verbatim I stated: "I've seen many artist who struggle to cross-over from classical to more commercial music." And I can't say that was a problem for the curators here while watching this performance. 

For about 1 hour and 20 minutes, there is a gorgeous amalgamation of Opera, Jazz, and Electronic music. There isn't a beat missed between transitions either. That feat was almost as impressive as the music itself. There isn't a time where you become bored or auditorily stagnant. Whether it be the indelible marks of Mozart, or the smooth and sexy remix of Black Earth, the sounds were beyond enjoyable.

If you're looking to expand your ear with an awe-inspiring approach to sound, gorgeous horns, vocals, keys, and strings... Check this out!

Featured Artists:
Anzhelika Kovalenko  
Cornelia Lanz 
Menno Koller 
Andrej Melik 
Julian Maier-Hauff 
Konrad Hinsken


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