BT ALC Big Band- Bring Forth Change (Track Review)


I'm not just using that word for the article... that's what I yelled a few seconds into the track. This joint is without a doubt- a winner.

When I was playing Bring Forth Change, one of my family members said: "Who's that? That sounds good!" It's one of those songs that can capture the attention of whoever's in its proximity. 

Prior to soulful vocals, singing: "Hold your Head High!" A slick drum, and horn section rock the track for a strong opening. The "Big Band" sound is in full effect, right out the gate. This song can be played in so many different atmospheres... outdoor festivals, galas, jazz clubs... it just has that certain level of funk that fits in a variety of arenas. 

The instrumental solos are something to behold as well. To label this joint "enjoyable" would be an understatement. 

Give it a listen and come up with your own adjectives!

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