Bryson Knoel: Captivating Beyond the Beat [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Imani Wj Wright

There's a reason being an "artist" is an ever-evolving title/profession to withhold. This is even more true regarding a profession as a musical artist. I'll dive deeper.

We obviously know the basics of being a successful artist at face value- your music has to sound sonically pleasing (or at least intriguing enough to grasp listeners). And what does that entail? A nice voice, catchy melodies, captivating rhythms... Ok, we got it.

There are many artists who may encompass the aforementioned, but many don't hold the intangibles needed to take them to the next level. As I listen to artist, Bryson Knoel, I see and feel those coveted intangibles needed to sustain the masses. 

While you listen to Knoel, it becomes abundantly clear that when he hops on a track, he's there to command it. His voice doesn't hide behind any overtly heavy 808s, nor do they get lost within the mix of the record. His voice is so prevalent in the forefront, especially on a song like "Bitter", where there is minimal production, gorgeous keys, intricately played percussion, and Knole's strong vocal presence leads the way. "Bitter" has a hook that you can easily follow, and be riding down the car singing for the whole ride. 

Knoel's pen is one of his most impressive traits. From "Bitter", to "Controller", to "Cozy", Knoel presents vivid, clear-cut, and relatable storytelling. It becomes quite easy to begin feeling a connection with Knoel as an artist, as his juxtaposing lyrical vulnerability, and musical command draw you right into the world he's presenting. "Oh my goodness, I can't believe I was so clueless, I can't believe you were so ruthless, after all that I did for the two of us," sang Knoel on Bitter. 

Knoel's growth as an artist is one that nearly feels inevitable, and we look forward to seeing how far he can take this thing. All of the pieces are there.

Check him out:

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