BOY SODA- Welcome To The Glow up (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

BOY SODA is an up-and-coming artist you may not have heard of yet, but I think in due time you will know every word to his songs. The recent rising, vocally talented star BOY SODA has released a song by the name of “WELCOME TO THE GLOW UP”. This track, which lasts for 3 minutes and 10 seconds highlights everything that SODA is capable of.

His aesthetic comes alive in both this song as well as this accompanying music video. I’m a huge fan of the relaxed but amped-up vibe that SODA gives off through the lyrics that he sings. Moving forward, I would love to see more of this same high-quality attitude and emphasis put into all of his tracks as I think that truly helps define who he is as an artist.

I am extremely excited to see where Boy Soda goes from here with his upcoming and future projects! If you are interested in learning more about BOY SODA or wish to give his track “WELCOME TO THE GLOW UP” a listen, then be sure to do so using the Spotify link attached below. Warning, you may not stop listening!

Check it out:

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