Boodah Akil [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Lucas Ballard

In 2022 there has been a resurgence of records that sample or emulate older styles of music. It's especially refreshing when a track is able to create a cohesive feel from two distinct type of genres. In terms of art, things are not so different. I'm referring to the thought that many themes, ideas and motifs are still relevant and appeal to new, younger audiences. Synthesizers have been extraordinarily popular since the 1970’s being heavily used in pop hits. Boodah Akil has shown a range of different styles- 80’s pop being his most recent. 

Having been brought up in Baltimore, Boodah found himself falling mostly into the category of rap. However, his travels out west inspired him to grow out of his shell and expand his sound. Boodah’s track "Velvet Sunset" utilizes an electronic sound that creates a foggy and nostalgic feel. Another song that carries similar energy is his newest single, "Sol", which truly brings in that space-like, atmospheric vibe. On tracks like "Wake Up," Boodah really shows his ability to create flows and play on witty lyrics. 

Akil has a healthy mix of different styles and it's a plus to be versatile in this current age of music. There are so many collaborations and opportunities that can present themselves with just a little understanding of diverse topics and genres. In the fall, Boodah plans to drop a full project under this newly explored pop/soul genre. This project will not only feature his works, but a bevy of other artists in the same genre. Stayed tuned for what is to come!

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